Monday, April 21, 2008

'SCREAMERS' Hopes to Incite Against Genocide [UCLA]

Elizabeth Packer, The Daily Bruin, April 17, 2008

“P.L.U.C.K.,” which deals specifically with the Armenian Genocide, is one of the band’s songs featured in “Screamers,” screening tonight at the James Bridges Theater. “Screamers” follows System of a Down, charting their concert tours and personal experiences as the issue of modern genocide and subsequent denial is explored. The film will be followed with a Q and A session with director Carla Garapedian.

The screening is co-sponsored by the Graduate Students Association’s Melnitz Movies and the Armenian Graduate Student Association. Raffi Kassabian, a third-year law student and executive officer of the Armenian Graduate Student Association, hopes to attract a large audience to the event. [more]

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Allegiances, One Truth [Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor]

Lisa Haidostian, The Michigan Daily, April 9, 2008

As a third-generation Armenian, and ever since I spent my first summer transitioning abruptly from country club tennis matches to singing the Armenian anthem at culture camp, I've been playing some sort of identity hopscotch game, never quite knowing on exactly which square to land.

It's no surprise that there's a blurring of national loyalties for someone who grew up, as I did, with steadfast ties to an ancestral homeland, but who also waves the American flag, as I do, as high as the rest on the Fourth of July.

But for many Armenians, there's an especially strong devotion to our ethnicity because of an unrecognized, unaddressed and often unknown genocide that's been stinging our people for more than 92 years. [more]

Armenian Genocide: Power of the Poster [Pierce College]

Shweta Saraswat, The Roundup, April 2, 2008

Today, Pierce College is taking a step in spreading awareness of the Armenian Genocide through the medium of art, with the opening of the "Power of the Poster"exhibition in April - the month of commemoration of the genocide.

"I think not a lot of people know about it because I get a lot of blank stares in classrooms when I talk about it," said professor Ramela Abbamontian, who is the gallery coordinator and curator of the show. [more]